The TiGRE group has developed a business model to facilitate the Transition to integrated Gas and Renewable Energy. We call this TiGRE™. An opportunity to monetise the value of gas in the field by using it to generate power and transmit it to market using existing infrastructure associated with offshore windfarms.

A cost reduction opportunity for offshore wind.

Offshore Wind Farms

Over 7GW of generation is already operating and over 10GW is expected by 2020. This has resulted from an investment of over £25bn, and which is increasing by approximately £2bn each year. As part of this, over £3bn is already invested in transmission infrastructure which presents over 50% of available capacity currently under-utilised and located close to the high energy demand centres of the UK.

Gas Fields

Opportunity to extend indigenous gas production.


Across the UK continental shelf (UKCS) there are hundreds of gas production installations. Over the last 40 years, these have provided an important contribution to the UK economy but are now entering into a late stage of their life cycle. We believe that TiGRE can present an opportunity for the UKCS to continue to provide a valuable contribution to the UK economy while transitioning to a zero carbon future.