The Founders

Rob Hastings

Rob is our CEO and served as Director of the Energy & Infrastructure portfolio at The Crown Estate for ten years increasing its value tenfold to around £1 billion. Previously he was Vice President Shell Wind Energy and Chairman of Shell Wind Energy UK Limited and served on a number of industry and government boards.

Alison Hastings

Alison is our Chief Development Officer and was responsible for Centrica's Round 2 offshore windfarm development portfolio (1.25GW). Previously, she worked as Business Development Manager for Shell Wind Energy developing wind energy projects within a variety of markets including Denmark, Norway, the US and the UK.

Dermot Grimson

Dermot is our Chief Corporate Officer and was the Head of Strategy & Policy at The Crown Estate until December 2015. Previously he had a number of roles in Shell E&P Europe and at the corporate centre for Royal Dutch Shell in the UK.


TiGRE is very aware that there are numerous users of the seabed in the UKCS. They may have concerns, or just an interest, in the concept of locating a power station offshore to provide a link between the gas production and offshore wind sectors as part of the 'energy transition' from fossil fuel dependency to low carbon alternatives.

Contact has been made and a programme of briefings is underway with environmental NGOs, industry associations, MPs, local authorities and the many seabed users, including fishing and shipping interests.

If you are interested please get in touch and we can provide a full briefing. Contact Sue Stray on